But what we have lived

comes back to us.

We see more.

From “A Tree Telling of Orpheus” by Denise Levertov

There’s a pond just ten minutes from my office. I’ve been past it so many times without stopping. It’s on a dirt road. It’s that little bit inconvenient. And I’m busy. Heck, we’re all busy, all the time, every day it seems. My car will get dirty, I tell myself.

I took the dirt road today. I pulled over and parked and let my car get dusty. Got out and walked the shoreline. The ducks preened in the sun while turkey vultures circled prey on the far side. There’s a boat tipped over with a huge hole in the bottom. It reminded me of Grandma Alice teaching me how to catch sunfish for fish fries. Bobbers and bib overalls. Oily rainbows reflecting off sunfish scales. Grandma as giddy as me with each catch.

It’s good to get off the paved roads and pull over–good to cast lines.


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6 thoughts on “Ponds”

  1. Living in a big city, there are no ponds within an hour’s drive but if the one in the photo was 10 min. from me, I could see myself visiting it quite frequently..If for no other reasnon than to gather my thoughts and take time for reflection.
    Thanks so much for the comment Shannon! I’m glad that baseball is one of your interests and hopefully you’ll come back & visit again.
    Are you a S.F. Giants or L.A. Dodger fan?

    1. My heart is with Vin Scully, but I love the great stories and interesting players of all the teams (even including the rival Giants). I grew up in Wyoming before the Rockies became an MLB franchise so I didn’t grow up with a baseball team the way the Broncos were the “local” team. So I don’t bleed Dodgers blue quite like Tommy Lasorda. 🙂

      I always read your blog. Sometimes it’s on the fly on my phone, but I visit often. Thank you for the consistently quality content.

  2. No one has ever done a game better than Vin Scully! The Dodgers are doing quite well this year and the Giants will keep things interesting.

    Thank you so much for the kind words about my blog! I’m sure the Fantasy articles are a bit boring for you but I’m so glad you enjoy the read. Much success to you and your blog. 🙂

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