Now and Beauty

The art of living well and the art of dying well are one. ~ Epicurus

I need to write about my friend fighting cancer but I am not. The fall leaves are golden and she still makes me laugh. There will be a time to write and to remember. Now is for being silly and making crafts together like joyful children. Now is for tracing leaves onto felt and for teasing. Tomorrow will be tomorrow.


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6 thoughts on “Now and Beauty”

  1. Tomorrow can indeed wait another day. Make as many of those joyful, happy memories as you can; I’m sure that you make her laugh as much as she does you.

    Thinking of you both x

  2. She has taken a turn for the worse? I am so sorry. You have known wrenching death and know in life we are in death, yet there is never really preparation or adequate readiness, is there?
    I hope you can share memories and love and all that has made you dear to each other and that the laughter rings loud in your hearts and through her home. That is the best good bye.

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