What is the lily?

When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.  ~Chinese Proverb

It’s tempting to wrap ourselves up in necessities and hurts; bread and death. To hoard unkind words or our own failures. These are the essential hard of life that bring the growth–that make us individual.

The equal other half of investing in life is the lily. What is the lily? The lily is that–big or small–which makes the soul sing.

  • voice
  • growing weird squash
  • a hike
  • queer representation
  • writing
  • tacos
  • books
  • documentaries
  • an old fashioned letter
  • sugar bush
  • story
  • a woman’s forearm
  • family history
  • social justice
  • storytelling
  • marriage equality
  • heirloom seeds
  • lists
  • friendship
  • a hug
  • a used journal
  • plant propagation
  • love
  • making things by hand
  • my dog, Lulu
  • fruit trees in blossom
  • wind chimes
  • history
  • driving with the windows down
  • psalms
  • the smell of geraniums on fingertips

The expression of the lily is an empowerment hoard. And it’s fun. I am grateful to share it.